The Coin Story

I flipped a coin. It showed ‘Head’.

I flipped it again. It showed…umm… ‘Tail’.

Amused, I asked the coin, “Did you remember the last toss?”.

The coin shrugged.
“I am pretty independent that way”, it said.

“Then, how come, if I toss you one hundred thousand times, you will show your head approximately 50% of times, if you don’t remember anything?”

The coin said, “I may or may not. If I don’t, you won’t call me a fair coin, will you?”

I pretended deep thought.

It continued, “May be, you should toss me 100 million times, you know, one hundred thousand sets of 1000 tosses and see for yourself, whether I behave NORMALLY.”

“I don’t have time”, I said.
“But, can you behave normally, if you don’t remember anything about your previous tosses?”, I was curious.

The coin grinned a little, like a wise man. “If I give you all the answers, will you listen to your professors anymore?”

From that day, I stopped talking to a coin and started betting on horses.

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