The Football Story

I met my friend on the way to the market. My luck!

“Did you watch the last football world cup?” he asked. A real ancient man!

“I did”, I said under the breath.

“Who were you supporting?” he asked with a smile.

Smug smile, smug smile. I hate his smug smile.

-“No one in particular, I was just watching.”

– “Oh, then you missed something! Taking side is so much fun!”

I had to raise my eyebrows, “How come?”

“The anticipation. Till your team takes the field. The excitement when
they make a move. The disappointment when they lose. The hope that comes
right after the disappointment: All very interesting.”

“Loss is not very interesting, I can say.” I mumbled a protest.

“Yes, it is! The fluctuation of emotions is all we need. The rest is stale.” he said.

“How can I support someone I don’t know much about?” I was still trying to hold my ground.

– “Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter.” He nodded his big head.

“It could be like, the hairstyle or the free kicks of Forlan. Or your solidarity towards the African people. Or just that, you worshipped Maradona a decade ago. The hangover continues.”

There was no hope that this conversation would be short.

– “Hey, did you see, how were they gushing about Spain in the newspapers after the final? 5 reasons why Spain is the best etc. etc.”

– “Well, Spain is the champion.” I didn’t know what was coming.

– “How come, they didn’t mention those 5 reasons after the first round debacle? It was not very safe then, I guess.” He smiled with satisfaction.

I kept myself quiet.

“So, fluctuations of emotions, bias towards the successful and reason inventing: remember those. We thrive on them.” he was going away from me.

“I don’t like quasi-intellectual friends who lecture me on the road. You remember that too.” I hollered.

I looked around.

He was not there.


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