I Stand Nearer to You

I stand nearer to you. Not you.
The you that I adore.
Will give my life to-
To you- To you-
Not you.

My love will shine like the blinding drops of summer, will parch us;
and will overcome us like rain.
Frizzy strands of memories would put salt on our wounds.
In the bitter rain I will cling to you, to you, to you. Not you.
You will be there when I am dry.

It is in this indecision I live my life, my darling.

Separating you.
You, whom I both hate and love.


Whims, Live

My whims, my whims, live-

You are paid- you are paid with my time,

A time that’s paved with blocks of lightness,

Live, so that you and I align.

My sky, my sky, spread-

Metered with clouds, fickle, a rain-

Wash my inner streets, my inside-

Lissome wet, come to me again.

My bitter, my bitter, stay-

We are naive, we are pure, who?

In a love feral, blood soaked and infinite-

I am dog-tired, if you only knew.