A man who had known me for a long time said encouragingly once, “At fifty, if you keep fit, a few women will surely be attracted to you.”

He was driving. I don’t drive. I waited- uncomfortably- beside him, pretending glee. While my eyes were on the windscreen watching on the road a cow licking a wounded bull. Who knew who she belonged to.

The man shifted the soliloquy to self-driving cars. Two thousand twenty five was not so far away. Robots would take our jobs. AI would write our poems. Money would be hummed out of a million servers.

Feminists would destroy families. The surly sisters would take our children away and make them eat kale breakfast. Why? Because, they can! Men would not know their place. Love would be disastrous for personal ego, et cetera.

“Only cows’, he said,

‘only cows, if free, if they so would desire- in the small hum of sweltering asphalt roads- would unflinchingly adore the bulls. And that would be a sight of hope.”