Happiness Girls

Happiness girls are standing on the tarmac of a red plane- bare teeth, pulsing; their breasts are proud like upper class- their leggings plump boast like hope.

In the dream of a dream of the edgy runway lights. The turn from here is a stroll. A norm-bound, debt-bound a port that devours, despises a man who’s drunk one too many on the flight, cheap and on the red eye. Now leering.


From the nose to the tail of the plane- as fleet as fluttering flames- ebullient nymphs: women who know no bitterness. A sea of plain, contrite men have lusted but not made a claim- burlesque! The girls are giggling and raising my hope.

Not to stop now, not to stray from the path, not to forget the edicts of a monogamous love, and be by the book : to go on without the hope of a lay with the happiness girls is- I know- for my best.

But, heavens, I am so sad.